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In dark days of sorrow the well-meaning suggestion·is frequently made: Have you·ever tried·Spiritualism?' Sometimes to folk racked with pain and suffering, some friend Will say, “Why not try Christian· Science?' Or it may. be that strange literature confronts us with portents and· prophecies concerning the future, allied with denunciations of the religion and churches of today. What does it all mean? Why' this dissatisfaction with a Christianity which for centuries has met human need and sustained the human soul where there was none other to help? Is there any reason for the rise of· these challenging· and sometimes truculent faiths? Much attention has been given by the Church to what been called the 'Youth Problem', namely the drift away from institutional Christianity. Much less concern has been said concerning. what may well, be a more serious matter; i.e. the·huge loss from active Church membership of the 25 -45 year old age group. Their absence is the more serious because they should normally be the 'power house' of the Church in so f as from them are normally recruited the leaders and workers of the Church. It may be of significance that it is this aforementioned group that has provided the main constituency from which comparatively recent revival of cults, which are modern versions of older practices or beliefs, has appeared. If the question be asked 'Why this revival?' clearly the answers will be as manifold as are the diverse needs and searchings of those involved. Yet there are certain over-all categories which would appear to have been a major factor in this mass desertion of orthodox Christianity for these cults.  
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